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Welcome To Our Family

Here at Carriage Inn of Dayton, we strive for longevity and continuity of care. We also, of course, recognize the need to change, grow and adapt, to better serve our community.

Our nurse management team, with their 42 years of combined experience, shows their love everyday by planning, safeguarding, and ensuring the highest level of hands-on care for our residents.

Our nursing staff of R.N.s, L.P.N.s and S.T.N.A.s are always there to help with hands-on total care or simply holding a hand. They are capable of dealing with any medication needs, IV’s, tube feeding, post-operative care, education, and advanced wound care. Our nursing staff is driven by heart and genuine compassion.

Our highly trained physical, occupational, and speech therapists are working with residents seven days a week to help re-build, re-learn, and re-gain strength to achieve each individual’s highest possible level of life.

Participating in activities and staying engaged is just as important to the healing process as medications and exercise. Our Director of Activities has been a part of our building since the first brick was laid.  Her and her devoted staff are here for your needs, whether it be an outing to the store, a game of cards, church services, a movie, or just someone to talk to.

Our dietary team, led by a licensed, registered dietitian, assesses each resident’s nutritional needs and creates a personalized meal plan.  Our dietary manager is well known for his ability to accommodate the

Most companies have mottos--we don’t.  Family Taking Care of Family is our mission statement. Simply put, it’s what we do.